The peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are well cared for is foundational for working families. Furthermore, finding a sense of work-life wellness and integration - however you define it - is essential. The University of Notre Dame is committed to supporting you as you navigate caring for your loved ones. The Family Services and Programs offered are intended to equip and empower faculty and staff to make informed decisions, connect with care providers, and feel a sense of community and support.

New Caregiving Services

Changes are coming to the caregiving services provided by NDHR.  See NDWorks for the announcement.

  • Starting July 1, Vivvi will replace Bright Horizons as the University’s backup care provider for full-time faculty, staff and graduate students.  
  • Additionally, full-time staff and faculty will have access to Cariloop, a new networking service that connects members to dedicated, licensed and certified care coaches to assist with long-term solutions.

ND Childcare Database

The ND Childcare Database includes roughly 50 local childcare centers and preschools.  This database can also be found on the Childcare page (scroll down to "Childcare Options"). 

Summer Camp Resource

The Summer Camp Resource contains over 80 camps and other local organizations in the Michiana area. You can also find the database on the Raising Children page (scroll down to "Community Programs & Camps").